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Unheard perspectives from those affected. Educational resources from consumer and health care organizations. This website supports the use of vaccination against COVID-19, helping you navigate the ongoing journey of life with COVID-19 beyond the pandemic. The Voices of COVID is brought to you as an educational initiative of Novavax Advocacy.

I don’t feel good, I wonder if I need to get tested?

I already had COVID, I’m good.

Do I need another booster?

I have long COVID but no one knows what to do about it.


Stories on the unseen impact of COVID-19 from those who have lived it.


Expert insights to help us find our way through the COVID-19 journey, together.

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic has come to an end, we are still all being bombarded by information. Changing guidelines, restrictions, the need for boosters, variant strains, etc., can be overwhelming. Here, we have put together the most important information you need to know all in one place.

Voices of Science

See relevant data and research on COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Learn about COVID-19 vaccine types.

Voices of Health Care Professionals

Read firsthand stories of courage and compassion from our dedicated frontline workers and health care providers.

Voices of Education

Explore resources with in-depth information to help you navigate your COVID-19 journey.