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Get the facts and stop the myths. Find information and data to help answer your questions about the risks and benefits of COVID-19 vaccination. Learn about the extent of vaccine-based immunity and the best ways to help protect yourself and others.

Long COVID and Emerging Variants

At this point in our pandemic journey, many people are dealing with symptoms of Long COVID while trying to stay protected from emerging variants. Learn more about post-COVID-19 recovery and how variants mutate and spread.

COVID-19 Vaccines Information

Rigorous research has been conducted on COVID-19 vaccines prior to government approval and has demonstrated that when used under the conditions established in their labeling, they are generally well-tolerated and effective at reducing the incidence of severe disease and hospitalization. Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines here.

Your Action Plan Recommendations

Do you know the CDC guidance to follow and action steps to take if you or someone in your family should get COVID-19? Here are some helpful tips on what to do next.