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PLEASE NOTE that your stories will be reviewed prior to posting. We respect the privacy of your information, so we ask that you do not include any personally identifying information in connection with your story. We will post stories along with your first name, age, and state so that your story may reach others at a similar stage and place in life. Please do not include any names of other people in your stories (for example, you may refer to your spouse or child as husband or daughter rather than using their names). Please also do not include any information about your physician, your hospital, or any other identifying information of any individual, institution, or organization. If such information is included, it will be removed from the story prior to posting. Your stories may be any length that you wish, but we may edit them for length and clarity. Please rest assured that we do not intend to change the spirit of your narrative.

There is no obligation for us to post any of the stories that are submitted. Any stories that discuss specific vaccines or that contain advice or information that contradicts generally-accepted medical opinion concerning COVID-19 treatment and prevention will not be considered for inclusion on this website. Here is a sample COVID-19 story for you to view.

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